What are the health risks in construction sites?

Needless to say, the accident fatality rate at the construction sites is increasing with every passing day. Also, the minor accidental cases have become incalculable more. The construction site has a constantly changing work environment where almost every conceivable hazard exists. This is the reason why you need safety equipment and construction boots at such sites.

To make you aware and help you stay safe at your worksite, here are a few of the main hazards that you may encounter when working on a typical construction site:

1.    Working at height

When the workers work to construct a building or get into some demolition works, they are required to work at heights which pose a threat to their lives. Each year, a number of accidents occur that involves height related injuries.

The risks may increase when the construction sites involve mobility or access restrictions. So employees working on such sites should be given proper safety awareness training to ensure their safety. Moreover, the workers need to remain alert while working on the construction sites.

2.    Moving objects

As mentioned earlier, the work environment of a construction site keeps on changing. The hazards are actually inherent to this industry and the risks also keep increasing with the progress in project and rise and expand of the things.

Constantly moving vehicles in the uneven terrain is something that can make working on the construction site quite hectic. Moving of heavy vehicles, loading them, shifting heavy loads etc. is actually tiring

3.    Slips, trips, & falls

Slips, trips and falls are the hazards that are the most common on a construction site. With the diverse range of activities that are carried out on such sites, the slips and falls become very common. This is where the importance of safety footwear comes in. To avoid such accidents;you need to wear construction boots.

The construction sites have a number of health risks which demands the alertness of workers working on such sites. One of the most important things while working there is your safety footwear, the feet being the most vulnerable.

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