The meaning of letter codes in the safety footwear industry

No matter whether you take your path to an outdoor or indoor industry every morning, if your workplace poses a threat to your feet, safety work shoes are what you need. However, depending upon the different industries and workplace requirements, picking the best pair of safety shoes might be a little challenging for you. Therefore, to make the selection process easier for all our readers, here we’ve come up with the meaning of the two or three letter codes used by the work shoes suppliers in India and other countries as well that define the safety standards of the shoes.

Usually the codes used begin with a P for 100 Joule toe caps and an S for 200 Joule toe caps. However, the P is less commonly used. Now, let’s get some better understanding of the codes.

• SB

When pair of safety work shoes is coded with the letters ‘SB,’ it means that the shoes can protect your feet from an impact of 200 Joules. Prevention from Joules, which is the unit of energy, can protect your feet from serious damages.

• S1 and S1P

Does your workplace demands protection from sharp objects and static electricity? If yes, there can be nothing better for you to ensure protection other than safety shoes with S1 and S1P codes. They come with penetration resistant, energy absorbing heel are and anti-static properties that can protect you from serious dangers.


Safety work shoes with this code are designed with a penetration resistant sole that can prevent your feet from sharp objects at your workplace. The sole has aluminium or a stainless steel inserted that provides protection to your feet. Thus, if you work at a place where you come in contact with sharp objects, shoes with this code are essential.

• S2, S3, S4 and S5

Though these codes stand for sharp object penetration resistant shoes, S2 shoes prevent your feet from water penetration as well. S3 and S5 safety shoes have a cleated outsole and S4 protects your feet from 200 joules impact, are anti-static and water resistant too.

If you’ve any query regarding the safety footwear codes, do write to us.

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