Military shoes and the different types

As the name suggests, military shoes are designed to meet the needs and requirements of military forces. These forces work in harsh environments to ensure our safety and to help them survive such challenging workplace environments, comfortable and durable military shoes or boots are essential.

To help you pick the best pair, here we’ve a few types of such military boots and shoes.

•    Combat military shoes or boots

Combat military boots or shoes are the most popular ones. These stylish boots can further be categorised into desert boots, jungle boots etc. No matter which type of combat shoes or boots the military forces pick, all of them are designed to meet one specific purpose- providing the military forces the required footwear support in combat situations. You can choose from the variety of styles available.

•    British military boots

Over the years, there have been different types of British military boots including the general service boots, combat high boots, directly moulded soul boots etc.These boots assisted the forces in military campaigns. However, the modern day boots are also designed to ensure better comfort and protection to the military forces, helping them to do their job sincerely.

•    Parade ground shoes or boots

These boots or shoes are designed to offer complete safety during battles. These boots are used by the armed forces during training or marching as part of their dress. Military officials often wear these shoes or boots in official functions and the glossy toe caps that you usually see are the result of hard work polishing for long hours.

•    Magnum boots

These boots are manufactured to suit both combat and parade situations. Designed using the finest quality materials and scientific advances, these boots offer high level of protection and ease during work.

We hope this post will help you understand the military shoes or boots better. No matter whatever are your work requirements, you can pick a type from our largest selection of safety footwear.

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