Top benefits of lightweight safety shoes

Whether we are office goers or workers at construction sites, shoes are something that we wear for long hours, right? Now imagine your shoes to weigh 10 kg. Now imagine walking all day long with this cumbersome pair of shoes.

You got the point, right?

Whether it is a pair of regular shoes or heavy duty safety shoes, they have to be lightweight; else, they are going to be a lot of pain for the wearer.

We put this common sense to our range of safety shoes and work boots; the result is ‘Warrior Professional Gear’, a range of safety shoes and work boots that are not only amazingly powerful against workplace hazards, but are also extremely lightweight. After all, we are here with a purpose: to make working lives simpler and more comfortable for those who work day in and day out and add tremendous value to lives of our countrymen and this economy as a whole.

With a pair of lightweight shoes on, your workers are more likely to concentrate on their work, with the least concern for their safety. And they are not going to end their day with sour, tired feet, as our shoes are built to keep their feet warm and comfortable. Moreover, since high quality materials and innovative technology go into the making of Warrior Safety Shoes, they tend to last long; so you really get value for your money.

Our shoes make a cut even in the toughest of working environments. We have a fine range of shoes built for diverse industries that primarily include Construction, Aviation, Railway, Hospitality, Oil & Gas, Automobile, Defence and Security, Engineering & Manufacturing, etc. This means whichever industry you operate in, we have a shoe for your people.

Find us here to get to know more about our shoe range or how can we help you pick the right safety shoes for your workforce.

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