The Anti-penetration Shoes – The Components That Make Them Penetration Resistant

It pains a lot if a piece of a broken glass or pointed stone or some other pointed objects pierce into your sole through the footwear. If the wound turns severe, you may not be able to walk for days. Moreover, you may have to shell out a good amount of money on the treatment. But, with a little wise step, you can ensure that you never have to get injured from a pointed object or something that can pierce through your footwear on your work site.

We are talking about anti-penetration shoes here.

Anti-penetration shoes are built to protect the feet of the wearers against anything that can pierce through simple footwear sole and injure the feet. Here is how different components come together to build a pair of incredibly powerful anti-penetration shoes.

Penetration Resistant Insert

This penetration resistant insert is a footwear component that is intelligently placed in the sole complex to provide protection against broken glasses, nails, pointed stones, and a wide range of other objects that might pierce through your simple footwear sole at your work place.

Kevlar – Another Layer Of Protection

It’s light weight, flexible, and offers protection over the entire surface of the sole. With the right quality Kevlar, you can rest assured about your foot protection.

Innovative technology along with high degree of craftsmanship and quality raw materials come together to ensure safety shoes that truly stand the trust that the wearer puts in them.

If you are looking for anti-penetration safety footwear, speak to us at Liberty. For more than 13 years, we are innovating and manufacturing an incredibly powerful line of safety shoes which we call, ‘Warrior Professional Gear’. Besides ensuring the highest degree of protection from the pointed objects, our steel toed footwear range also protects the wearer against shocks of up to 200 joules, caused by falling objects such as stones.

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