Here are the ways to find the right fit for your army boot

Have you ever wondered about the possible problems that could be caused due to wearing of improperly fitted boots? As a matter of fact, the problems could be much more than simply causing discomfort at workplaces. A number of foot problems can be caused due to the wearing of army boot that doesn’t fit you well.So to help you pick the perfect fit of boots, here are a few pointers you need to keep in mind.

1.    Boot socks are important

To get the most comfortable fit, wearing socks with your boots is essential. The socksworn with these army boots are thicker as compared to the athletic socks and thus provide complete comfort and prevent blisters due to continuous wear for long hours. Wearing socks is also important as it will keep your feet dry.

2.    Adequate toe room is a necessity

Adequate room to move your toes freely is necessary. Because wearing your boots for the entire day will cause natural swelling of your feet and your toes will require room for movement. Therefore, when making the purchase, it is important for you to pick a pair of boots that give enough room for your toes. Also, when you take your foot to the front, there should not be more than a finger width of space behind your heel.

3.    A secure heel is imperative

Your boot should not feel too tight when you wear it. Moreover, there should be enough room for your toes as said earlier. When you walk wearing the army boot, it should be in place and shouldn’t slide back and forth. You can adjust the laces of the boots to get the perfect feet as loosening or tightening the laces will allow a personalised fit, helping you to stay comfortable the entire day.

Thus, make sure to keep the above discussed points in mind while buying your army boots.If you’re in search of some quality products, you can browse through our collection to pick the perfect pair.

For any queries regarding safety footwear for your workplaces, you can always write to us.

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