Top 3 life threatening safety hazards at workplaces

Safety hazards are always there at our workplaces though we often overlook them. However, a few hazards are very common and could be spotted at one worksite or the other. Thus, to help you stay aware and take proper precautionary measures; here we’ve the top 3 life threatening safety hazards as per the National Safety Council (NSC) team that are common at workplaces.

1.    Poor housekeeping

Blocked fire or emergency exits, over-stacking loads in the warehouses etc. are all the results of poor housekeeping. Over-stacking loads brings them closer to the sprinkler’s head, limiting its efficiency. Moreover, standing water, leaks or clutter can also cause falls, slips and trips. To secure protection during such circumstances, safety boots and shoes are essential. Both employers and employees need to stay alert to avoid clutter and blockage.

2.    Working at height

We wouldn’t bat an eyelid to know that hazards associated with working at height were frequently spotted. As per the Bureau of Labour Statistics data, around 14 per cent of the fatalities that occur at workplaces are caused by falls to a lower level.

To prevent such accidents, it is important for both the employers and employees to understand the risks involved and get equipped with full protection gear. Fall protection programs are essential to train the employees and ensure safety.

3.    Electrical environment

We all must have heard about accidents related to electrical hazards. These mostly are related to inappropriate use of extension cords, using multiple cords together. One of the most effective ways to guarantee security when working in electrical environments is wearing static dissipative footwear. It will protect your feet from shocks, thereby reducing the chances of accidents.

As an employee, you should make sure that you are equipped with all your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), safety boots and shoes being the most important of them. And as an employer, it is important to use new and heavy-gauge cords or machines with proper safety.

Thus, these 3 are the top safety hazards that may pose a threat to your lives. However, there are many others such as working with heavy objects or on slippery surfaces, working on feet all day etc. Therefore, you need to be cautious and get the best pair of safety footwear when working in a hazardous environment as your feet in such environment is vulnerable.

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