These safety shoes are created with polyurethane and elastic thermoplastic polyurethane that makes the outsole wear resistant and anti-static. The safety shoes are crafted with sturdy grip and slip resistance properties. The Warrior Shoes is a popular shoe brand that aims to offer the best safety to all the customers at affordable prices. The safety shoes have become one of the most important elements in the industrial field. The shoes are designed not only to fit perfectly and look attractive but also to help you give your best performance on job.

The exclusive collection of double density PU sole safety shoes have excellent anti static properties that provides the best grip protecting you from all the slips. The PU sole makes the shoes light that will help you work and stay active for long. The shoes have the capability to withstand any weather conditions. In summers, the cooling property will help the feet breathe easily and during cold weather condition the shoes will keep you warm. The sweat absorption property cools down your feet making it odor-free.

These shoes are best suitable for workers in the mining and manufacturing industry. The sole of the shoes help provide a cushioning effect to your feet. This will help you complete your work easily and comfortably. The comfort of the shoes makes your work life easy.


These safety shoes with double density PU sole makes the shoes more durable. The shoes are made to provide complete protection of your feet. We offer affordable safety to keep our customers safe at any situation. Keeping in mind all the harsh working conditions, the safety shoes are here for your rescue. Grab you safety pair from your nearest store or you can get the shoes online easily.


  • The material of the sole keeps the feet warm in cold weather conditions. The heating insulation makes it durable for to work in places with low temperature.
  • During hot weather conditions, the shoes will allow air to circulate around your feet to make the inner shoe area cool and comfortable.
  • The anti-static properties will be able to protect you against the hazards from any incidental contact with energized electrical circuits or parts.
  • The shoes are lightweight that puts less pressure on the feet.
  • The PU Double Density offers a cushioning effect making you stay active for long hours.

As life and dangerous situations are uncertain, getting yourself a double density PU safety shoes will provide you safety benefits. Protect yourself from all the workplace hazards and work comfortable for long hours. The shoes aim to provide their customers best safety at the best price.

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