All You Need To Know About Electrical Safety Shoes

People working with electrical exposures like electricians, overhead electric workers and engineers are always at a high risk from getting affected by electrical hazards. While talking about electrical hazards we often think that how can electricity affect a human life, but the actual facts state that most of the dangerous encounters due to exposure to electrical hazards has often lead to fatal injuries. The professionals involved in dangerous tasks such as testing of equipment and fixtures, electrical installation and repair which often include risks of electrical shocks due to electrical arc or wet feet, the danger from falling objects and many more things need to be put into consideration while working with electricity. Thus, it becomes important to put on safety shoes according to the nature of their jobs and other safety equipment to save them from getting hurt and get rid of the injuries.

The various segments that majorly require electrical safety shoes are mentioned below:

Electrician: Electricians are widely exposed to high electrical powers hence it is recommended for them to wear electrical safety shoes with better resistance for overall protection. The personnel in this profession usually wear normal shoes with electric repellent soles instead they must wear EH hazard marking shoes and an out-sole with electric isolation. For better protection they must use polymer shoes that have electrical protection.

Professionals for machinery maintenance: These professionals do not have direct connection with the formation of electric arc so they are recommended to wear safety footwear that has hard inner sole and a water resistant outer sole.

Below mentioned are different types of safety shoes that are recommended for electrical professionals:

Conductive safety shoes- These types of footwear are used by professionals who work in static electrical environment. Such workers handle volatile materials and explosives on a daily basis. This footwear reduces static electricity that is accumulated from walking or other movement.

Non- conductive safety shoes- this footwear are used at places where the chances of coming in the contact of the live electric sources are relatively lower. They are used as a secondary source of protection. The non-conductive materials that are used to make these shoes provides safety where live circuits are present

Safety comes first! Never compromise on the safety and choose best quality electrical safety shoes and protect yourself from potential hazards. Electrical jobs are one of the most riskiest jobs in the world so stay safe and protected.

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