Choose the Right Safety Shoes for the Right Job

Safety shoes are important and should be made compulsory to be worn by all the workers across the various industries. The shoes will depend upon the type of the industry and the nature of work. There are endless options of safety boots available in the market at affordable prices. Whether you want industrial safety shoes or electric resistant shoes, water proof shoes or odor control shoes, you name and you have it. Search for the variety of safety work boots online.

The different types of safety shoes available in the market are:

Low Ankle Safety Shoes: These shoes offer properties like chemical, heat and impact resistance. They are made from breathable material that offers super cooling effect in the hot, humid weather making your feet produce less odor. These safety shoes are light weight and offers comfortable padding on the sole. The PU double density sole makes the low ankle shoes more comfortable.

High Ankle Shoes: The high ankle shoes are highly flexible and offer slip resistant soles. These safety boots includes a lace up closure making the fit more strong. The cushioning insole supports the daily movement at the work. The high ankle boots are chemical and oil resistant as well making it highly suitable for professionals working in petrochemicals, oil & gas industries, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Steel Toe Safety Shoes: These shoes are slip resistant and can be worn in slippery areas too. The presence of sturdy steel property ensures comfort and complete protection of the feet from falling objects. The shoes are made of double density soles offering high level resistance to abrasion. The safety shoes are water, oil and slip resistant.

Composite Toe Safety Shoes: These safety shoes offer soft upper leather. The shoes are oil, slip and abrasion resistant. They also offer high level of safety from electrical faults as well. These light weight and moisture control shoes keep the feet dry and breathe well. These shoes will decrease the pain helping the users stay active for long hours.

Single Density PU Sole Boots: These anti slip shoes provide high level of protection from electric hazards and abrasion. These shoes are suitable for professionals working in electronics and automotive industries.

Double Density PU Sole Shoes: These shoes are electric, slip and oil resistant. The shoes are designed to minimize the risk of falling and maximize the protection of feet. The shoes can be worn by workers in construction and automotive industries.

There are many hazards that can cause foot injuries and accidents. When these hazards are taken lightly, these might result in broken bones or tearing of skin. Therefore, safety boots are very much needed to protect your feet from the unavoidable situations. There is a separate style and features for all, depending upon the nature of work environment.

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