Top 3 situations that can pose threat at your workplace

Most of us often overlook the threats that are posed at our workplaces. However, these threats may be so severe that they could lead to death too. Therefore, to ensure safety, it is necessary that you stay aware of the possible threats at your workplace. Thus, to help you stay aware; here are the top 3 situations that can put your life at danger.

1. When the housekeeping is poor

Poor housekeeping may result into blocked emergency exits, over-stacking loads etc. and this can put your life at risk. Also, clutter, leaks and standing water can cause slips and falls that may result into serious injury. To ensure protection in such situations, you can wear safety boot or shoes and stay alert always.

2. When you work at height

Needless to say, working at height involves a number of risk factors. Also, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics data, almost 14 per cent of the mishaps that occur at work place sare caused due to falls to a lower level.

Thus, when working at height, it is essential for both employers and employees to be equipped with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Also, various safety training programs should be organised to help the employees know better about safety measures.

3. When working in or around environment

Accidents related to electrical hazards have become very common these days and mostly the causes are use of multiple chords together or inappropriate use of extension cords. Thus, it has become necessary to ensure safety when working in such environments and the best way to stay safe is –wearing anti-static safety footwear. This is important because your feet are prone to accidents when working in such situations.

Thus, if you work in such environments, it is important for you to be equipped with all your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). And not to forget, safety footwear is the most important of such equipment.

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