Standing firm to protect and serve

Our armed forces work under extremely dangerous conditions. They’re stationed at Mountains, at desserts, at places which are prone to terrorist attacks. They work day in and day out. But they never give up.

As a country we’ve had many wars in the past – and our forces never let us down. As countrymen, it’s our job to give the highest standards of respect to our armed forces. At Liberty, we salute our armed forces and do out bit to better equip them for the harsh and dangerous environments they work in.

We’re a believer in innovation and continuous improvement. This belief shows in our safety gear – Warrior combat shoes. The shoes are anti-skid, light weight, high flexing, and comfort. And this is what makes these shoes a perfect fit for our forces which work on tough surfaces where feet injury incidences are common.

We use genuine leather – Din/Non Din made by our in-house tannery. Moreover, the shoes are water resistant and are built with feather light PU soles. And we keep the pricing extremely competitive as well so that more and more in our armed forces can be benefitted.

We aren’t a new player in safety shoe manufacturing. We’re here for more than a decade and counted amongst the best and reliable safety boots manufacturers and exporters. Besides equipping our forces in the country, we also export a significant chunk of these shoes to several countries. We’ve a vibrant presence in more than 25 countries including UK, USA, Germany, France, Italy and Singapore. With over 60 years of experience in the footwear industry, we’ve earned a place among the top manufacturers of leather footwear in the world.

How about a quick look at our collection of army boots?

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