How to buy the right ESD footwear for electrical environments?

For those who do not know, ESD is the static dissipative footwear that is essential to ensure protection when working in electrical workplaces. The ESD shoes protect you from electric shocks as they are highly resistant. However, to make sure that you buy quality shoes look for one of the best safety shoes manufacturers in India who offer high quality products.

These ESD shoes are essential in workplaces where machineries create large static electricity and when your job demands handling of a huge number of computer appliances.But to enjoy the benefits you need to pick the right pair of these shoes and so we’ve listed the tips that will help you to buy the perfect pair.

1.    Do your research

Before you choose a pair of ESD footwear, you need to be aware of the potential hazards at your workplace. Why? Because every workplace has its own dangers and requirements. Depending upon the requirements, you can select a pair of safety shoes that will protect you from the dangers at your work environment. Remember, the type of risks at your workplace will determine the type of safety shoes that you’ll need.

2.    Pick the right size

Picking the right shoe size is important for every job. However, it becomes more important when your job demands you to work on your feet for extended period of time. To work efficiently on your feet throughout the day, you need to buy the shoes that fit you well and have the perfect size

3.    Don’t overlook the comfort factor

The features of ESD footwear might vary depending on the brand that offers it. Different brands will have different shoes to meet your workplace needs. Therefore, it is vital that you focus on the comfort level of the shoes so that you can work efficiently wearing them.

Thus, consider these 3 points while you buy ESD footwear or any other safety shoes and boots to pick the right pair. In case you’re looking for a quality product at reasonable prices, you can browse through our largest collection of safety shoes and boots.

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