Footwear Technology for Advanced Performance


The essentiality for a high quality pair of Safety Shoe could not be emphasized more especially for industrial employees. In extreme operations, the feet plays a vital role in productivity & efficiency of work.With this in mind, Injection Safety Footwear are imperative for operations for the reason that that it provides the needed security,  safety, flexibility & comfort for the feet and at the same time they are most apt for agile movements. These aspects make the Injection Safety Footwear pivotal in Safety Shoe making.

The Injection Safety Footwear are created from a unique last. The last is the form in which the shoe gets its shape as well as fit. Computer aided design redefines the manufacturing and creates the final layout or pattern of last to ensure that it not only functions well but feel very comfortable all day long.

A good structure aids in keeping the feet comfortable and safe. In today’s modern age, the need for highly advanced safety shoes with higher overall performance is more in demand than almost a decade ago.. The computer technologies help in giving the most accurate and capable safety shoe design so that it withstands all weather conditions & performs to user's satisfaction.

The Injection Safety Footwear also demands the most advanced and durable material to ensure superior performance. Since the shoes enclose the feet, moisture accumulation could occur and that is why a highly reliable lining is used to keep the moisture away from the feet. Good quality leather as well as nylon does the trick to avoid moisture retention. The materials and the structure also provide the essential stability and anti slippage of the foot. If the shoe does not have a reliable stabilizer, the user can experience fatigue and it could consequently result to slippage and of course, injuries.

The Injection Safety Footwear need to be comfortable. When standing, the heel takes 50% of the total body weight and as the user moves, the pressure is increased along the areas of the feet. The shoes thus should be able to absorb the shock and keep the feet safe from the possible fatigue as well as injury.

For the Injection Safety Footwear, two types of shock absorption technologies are used. The compression molded EVA utilizes 1-inch cell foam that is injected under pressure. The Air is perfect for indoor activities but also provides excellent protection and shock absorption and can help provide cushioning when standing for long period of time.

Liberty Shoes has dedicated 05 Desma make Injection Machines with robotic technology ensuring uniformity & overall durability of the product.

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