5 steps we take to deliver you top quality safety shoes

Warrior is a professional safety shoe gear for workforces that need feet protection at work. To make sure it exceeds the expectations of wearers, we keep on adding new features to our shoes. And then we take a number of steps to ensure that our shoes never fail on quality.

Here are 5 steps we often take to deliver you top quality shoes.

Finest quality leather uppers and direct injection P.U. soles

Leather comes in different qualities – we use the finest one for our shoes so they can deliver on our promises that we make to you.

Apart from the leather, we use high quality direct injection P.U. soles, membranes, foot beds, spacer fabric and everything else – in the end, they all come together to make ‘Warrior’ – a collection of all-weather friendly shoes that are lightweight, affordable, and offer top level protection against possible workplace feet hazards.

Cambrelle Lining

We use Cambrelle lining in Warrior to provide our customers greater comfort and hygiene. It is breathable, transfers humidity from the skin to the outside, and discourages bacteria growth and thus helps in managing odor from the feet.

Cambrelle lining also ensures a longer life for the shoe. Penetration Resistant Insert

This insert is placed in the sole complex and provides protection against penetration by any sharp object like nails.

We primarily use Steel and Kevlar inserts in our shoes. In house testing lab

We have more than 73 testing machines in our in-house testing lab. These machines along with a team of skilled safety shoe specialists ensure that every pair of Warrior safety shoe is of top quality.

Experimentation and Innovation

We’ve been in Indian footwear industry since Independence. And have been adding on new features and products to our shoe offerings. Right from the technology that we use to manufacture our shoes to the way we provide after-sales support, we do our best to keep our customers happy and satisfied. The idea is to help the wearer go about his or her work with absolute confidence about his or her safety.

Interested in our safety boots & shoes? Browse our Indian safety shoe range here - https://www.warrior.co.in/indianrange

Our international range of safety boots & shoes - https://www.warrior.co.in/internationalrange

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