Why Safety Shoes Are The Armory of Naked Feet?

Ensuring safety should be the basic foundation of any industry and for the safety of the workers; Liberty brings the range of safety shoes that are a true weapon for the feet of the workplace warriors. These shoes are designed to understand the need of workers and act as an armory for their naked feet. This in turn helps them to fight the workplace hazards,pain, discomfort and fatigue.

The matter of concern is that many workers still do not realize the importance and need of safety shoes and neither do they wear them. According to National Safety Council, one out of every four victims of job related injury wears any kind of safety boots and the remaining three are unaware of the benefits of safety shoes. So let us put some light on the different types of industrial hazards and how equipping yourself with safety shoes can reduce the danger.

Common foot injuries-

  • Crushed feet, broken bones and loss of toes. These injuries are more common in the construction industry but also can happen in the logging and fishing industry as well.
  • Puncture wounds to the feet due to sharp objects like nails, staples or even scrap metal.
  • Cuts, lacerations and severed toes.
  • Burns can happen due to chemicals or hot metal splashes.
  • Electric shocks are common for electricians and construction workers.
  • Sprains and fractures can happen due to slips, trips and falls.

These injuries can be prevented by wearing proper industrial safety shoes and by knowing the importance of the feet armory.

Importance of wearing safety shoes-

  • Protective shoes like steel toed boots effectively prevent crushing injuries to the feet which are caused by falling of heavy materials.
  • Heavy-duty soles and thick material around the safety shoes protects your feet from punctures which can occur from any sharp objects lying in the industrial areas.
  • It also protects from cutting hazards and electrical hazards like electric shocks
  • It prevents trips, falls and slips
  • Protects your feet from the injuries like frost bite, hypothermia etc which are caused by extreme weather
  • Prevents burns from fire, chemicals etc.

These are the major points which makes safety shoes the armory of naked feet and keeping these points in mind it is worth making foot safety a regular practice at your workplace. Liberty, one of the leading industrial safety shoes manufacturers understands the safety needs and accordingly designs the shoes which are the protective shield for the workers’ feet. So do not forget to wear your armor for the safety of your own self as well as for your loved ones.

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