What is Electrical Hazard Safety Shoes?

Shoes that provide full safety and protection to your worker’s feet are really important. A lot of feet injuries can happen if you don't wear safety shoes or electrical safety shoes. Most importantly, if the working site has a huge probability of any kind of accidents happening then safety shoes are a must. People mostly use slip-resistant shoes to avoid any kind of slippery incident. But there are industries, where workers need special shoes which can protect them from electricity. And that is the reason, an electrical hazard safety system was invented. It usually helps you to understand which shoe is shock resistant and which will back out in case of any electrical hazard.

An overview of electrical safety shoes

Shoes which are called electrical hazard safety shoes or EH rated shoes are basically, thoroughly tested for their protection against electrocution. This testing is done by the American Society of Testing and Material. The American Society of Testing and Material provides a label inside the safety shoe showing whether it is electrical hazard safety shoe or not. The soles of electrical safety shoes are thickly insulated and that is why they tend to inhibit the flow of electricity. These shoes can protect you from up to 600 volts of shock in a dry setting.

Why it is mandatory for people working near open wires to wear electrical hazard safety shoes? Workers with jobs as electricians, linesmen, industrial engineers, maintenance workers, construction workers and a lot of other professions. There are some really good slip-resistant shoes available which also are electrical hazard rated, provided dual safety to the workers.

Anti-static shoes are also available in the market. These are mainly designed for workers who work in an environment sensitive to static electricity. Anti-static shoes banish the stacking of static electricity from the body and also provide a good level of resistance to electrical hazards from live wires. The non-conductive shoes are tagged as EH whereas anti-static are tagged as ESD or SD. Leather safety shoes also come under the category of Anti-static shoes.

As you know, it is really important to protect your employees in electric and volatile environments, you need to select the right pair of shoes for them to stay safe. It will obviously enhance their performance if they are comfortable in the shoes they are wearing and are super confident about the safety features they come with. Also, if the shoe doesn't fit comfortably the workers could face an unsafe situation. A shoe expert once said -

If you're not comfortable, it makes you pay attention to your feet instead of paying attention to what you're doing. And that doesn't sound like the right thing to do at work. So, along with keeping your workers safe and protected from any hazardous situation, also keep them focused by providing the perfect shoes to wear.

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