What are Rigger Boots?

We are all aware of pull on boots! Rigger boots are also a specific kind of pull-on boot. An example of these safety boots is a leather wellington. These safety boots are quite used in western countries and now their use has paced up in India also. Rigger boots manufacturers in India have been using latest technologies to develop them.The choice of rigger boots entirely depends on the individual but with numerous upgrades and advancement over the years riggers boots are getting popular.

The name “Rigger" has an interesting history. Back in the days, standardized boots were issued for workers on the offshore rigs in the North Sea. Today, rigger safety boots are usually worn by most of manual worker as a general safety boots in workplace. Their popularity is increasing due to their practical pull-on-system and other ease factors.

Benefits of Rigger Safety Boots

    They are easy to don and doff, as there are no laces you don’t have to tie them all the time and will also avoid tripping injuries due to laces.

    There are no lace holes, which means you don’t have to take care of them cleaning which otherwise gets full of muck and clay.

    Many rigger boots are entirely metal free, which means they are lightweight in nature.

    Being waterproof they would not get dirty due to water spillage.

Although, rigger boots have some disadvantages but for people who are looking for lightweight safety boots and ankle protection does not matter in their industry then rigger boots is a good option.Warrior India has been putting a lot of efforts as rigger boots manufacturers to provide best to their customers.

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Stay Safe!

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