Top 3 safety footwear types to ensure safety when working around electricity

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we talk about ensuring safety at your workplace? Safety footwear, isn’t it? It is because your feet are prone to accidents when working in a perilous working environment and even a small mistake can put your life to danger.

It becomes more risky when you work in an environment where you’ve to deal with electricity. Working in contact with electrical equipment can pose a threat to your life and to ensure your safety in such situations, here we’ve the top 3 safety footwear types that will protect your feet from accidents.

1.    Non-conductive footwear

Have you realized the amount of risks involved in working with or around electricity? A little carelessness can actually put an end to your life. Therefore, you can’t overlook the importance of the non-conductive footwear as it is insulated to ground electricity. Made of steel or composite toe caps, these shoes are essential to ensure safety when working in contact with electrical items.

2.    Anti-static footwear

If in case your work environment is sensitive to static electricity, anti-static footwear is essential. It is the ideal choice for you as it can easily help you in dissipating the static electricity from your body. Moreover, this type of footwear is resistant to electrical hazards from live circuits.

3.    Conductive footwear

Do you work in an environment where your job demands handling of explosive or volatile materials? If yes, conductive footwear is what you need. Static electricity in your body can result into hazards and this is where this type of safety footwear comes to the fore and helps in dissipating the accumulation of such electricity from your body.

Thus, if you want to ensure complete protection at work workplace when working around electricity, buying the type of safety shoes discussed above is essential. However, first you need to determine the requirements of your work site to make the right decision.

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