Tips to stay productive at work place

Workplace stress has always been a problem for employers and employees alike. Work place stress is a major cause of absenteeism, reduced productivity levels and employee turnover. As managers one should keep a check if workers are giving signs of stress, it isn’t an easy job but shouldn’t be avoided. There are many things that can be done out of sight but still they would make a difference in employees life. For example, delegation of work, providing comfort safety shoes at workplace, time management classes etc.

How to recognize signs of stress?

The signs and symptoms are not easy to recognize as they vary from person to person. These symptoms mentioned below do not necessarily indicate tension but it is important for supervisors to always keeping an eye on behavioral changes which can be associated with tension.

•    Loosing energy quick

•    Feeling tired all the time

•    Fatigue

    Trouble concentrating

•    Social withdrawal

•    Using alcohol or drugs to cope

•    Poor work performance

Tips to Reduce or Prevent Workplace Stress:

The cause of workplace stress varies greatly for every employee, so taking up few strategies will help you to curb workplace stress and increase the productivity. As they say, effective time management is a primary means to a less stressful life.

Let’s have a look at few tips to help the stressed employees and make them more productive.

•    Planning each day with proper time management as it can help you accomplish certain tasks in certain time. Prioritizing the tasks help to cover in the given time period.

    One should say no to nonessential tasks and focus on completing their goals for the day.

•    Delegation of work by the employer should be done properly as it will help to save the time of employees.

•    Quality job requires time so make sure you don’t do something really fast just to finish it without keeping in mind the quality of work. If there are errors a lot of time will be wasted in correcting them.

    As a responsible employer, provide your workers with safety gear like comfort safety shoes, helmet, hand gloves, safety glasses etc. Safety gear avoids injuries thus leading to less tension in the employees’ lives.

A responsible employer will always know how to take care of its employees but it is a duty of employees as well to keep themselves motivated to achieve their targets.

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