Get Familiar with the Top Five Safety Shoes in India

At any workplace keeping your feet safe should hold utmost importance. Whether you work at any construction site, heavy manufacturing field or somewhere else where your feet faces danger and need safety, you should find the right type of safety shoes . If your work consists of handling equipment that can fall on you at an eye blinking speed, and you were not laced with any protective gear, the worst could happen. Moreover, it can impair your ability to work. Safety boots are made to withstand any fatal hazards- keeping your feet safe and sound while working.

To protect your feet it’s not just wearing a safety shoe that is important, but wearing correct safety footwear is necessary to ensure complete protection.

This is the reason that there are different types of safety shoes available as per different job requirements. Let’s have a closer look to top 5 safety shoes in India according to different roles.

Safety shoes are meant for fragile environment where there are higher chances of physical mishap and accidents. The industries that are most prone are:

Construction and Infrastructure: Wearing safety shoes at construction sites are important and the work environment in the sites is perilous and the accident rates are also high. The Shoes must be equipped to protect the workers from falling objects, slips, trips and falls. Warrior safety shoes have the features like composite toes, PSU soles, Slip and skid protection that makes them tough for any adverse situation.

Electrical Environments: ESD is static dissipative footwear essential for working in electrical workplaces. ESD footwear is important for those who handle a huge amount of static electrical equipment or appliances. Safety shoes ensure that you are safe when exposed to high voltage circuits.

Mining Sites: The process of mining involves use of heavy equipment and the chances of mishap are comparatively more. The safety shoes designed for such critical work conditions come with features such as anti- slip, composite toes, sweat absorbent soles and robust nature.

Manufacturing Industry: Factory workers face different types of vulnerabilities on their job sites, irrespective of their roles. However the use of safety shoes can ensure their protection. The properties that add strength to warrior safety shoes are: anti-skid, anti-slip, water resistance, chemical proof and shock proof.

Automobile Industry: Metatarsal shoes are essential to ensure protection from accidents while working with and around heavy objects.

There are many different types of safety shoes available depending on your work environment. Visit our website to know more.

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