Take Care of your Military Shoes

Just like our skin; if you let your shoe leather dry, it will crack.  We very well know that military shoes are made from solid materials like leather, polyurethane rubber, and nylon fabric. Although military boots are low maintenance but if you take good of them then you can make them last years.

Let’s have a look at some tips and tricks to care of your military shoes.

•    Breaking in New Boots

A new pair of boots may be a little uncomfortable for you in the starting, so they should be broken in naturally by wearing them for small periods of time initially. Gradually the boots will become comfortable for you to wear regularly. If still you are experiencing blisters then it means that the boots are of not proper fitting and should be changed immediately. Don’t soak your boots in water to break them as it may cause a permanent damage to the whole structure of your boots.

•    Remove Dirt

To maintain your suede leather boots, use a nylon brush to remove any sort of dry dirt or mud. If there is any dirt still left on the fabric of the boot then use a clean damp cloth to rub that dirt off. In case of a smooth leather boot, use a damp cloth first to get rid of any kind of any dirt on the surface. Once the surface is clean then apply colored shoe polish and let it try for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes brush the dry shoe polish and give a classy shine to your boots.

•    Remove Oil stains

Use degreaser to remove oil stains from your boots. Make sure to always try the degreaser on a small portion before cleaning the whole shoe as the degreaser may not suit the leather and cause discoloration or destroy the leather of your boot.

•    Regular check of rubber sole

These days the boots available in the market comes along with replaceable rubber sole. Keep checking your boots regularly to make sure the sole is in wearable condition. It not only helps you to keep the shoe fresh from inside but also increases the performance of boots.

These are few tips to care of your military boots, use these tricks to make your military shoes live long.

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