Safety from Hazards at Workplace

What is a hazardous material in a work place? Well to break it down easily, it could be any agent (biological, chemical or physical) with a potential to cause harm to workers or property at workplace. Some examples of hazardous materials are like toxic agents, chemicals, combustible or flammable chemicals, corrosives, etc.These hazardous materials can cause damage to skin, lungs and eyes and in extreme cases can cause explosions and fires causing to damage of property of the workplace. There are many ways to take precautions against such hazards. For example, proper storage of hazardous material, providing protective equipment life safety boots, gloves, glasses, masks and sharing information about the hazardous materials.

How to be careful and ensure safety of employees at work place?

Be Proactive because Prevention is better than cure

There are so many hazardous materials in workplace which may look “harmless” as they have been stored without problem for many years, but this can have harmful consequences if ever there is an event of leak or explosion. Never neglect these storage containers and regular checks should be done for leaks or other potential hazard causing problem. Being proactive can help save lives and prevent incidents.

Proper care at workplace

If employees have to work around hazardous materials or they have to remove the waste, employees must take every precaution they can to avoid any injury. Let’s have a look at few things to be considered for a safer work environment:

Providing them with safety gear

Personal protective equipment (PPE) are a must at every work place if includes working around chemicals, corrosives etc. PPE includes

•    Safety gloves to ensure the skin is protected from any damage safety masks

•    Masks protects your lungs and inner body from inhaling dangerous chemicals and materials which can be quite deadly

•    Protective glasses save your sensitive eyes from hazardous liquids and gasses that have the potential to cause irritation or even blindness.

•    Foot injuries can be quite painful and dangerous, thus safety boots should be a mandate to be worn in the work place. Safety boots avoids the contact of any harmful material with feet and protects it against the risk of wounds. Warrior has been manufacturing safety boots with latest safety features to keep the feet of the employee safe.

Protective Clothing: Hazardous liquids and gasses have the potential to cause irritation to the skin. Wearing protective clothing can help protect against this risk.

Airtight Container: You do not want any leakage of hazardous waste to contaminate the people and places you come in contact with while traveling to dispose of the material. Always store hazardous waste in an airtight container.

Assess: Each type of hazardous waste has unique safety methods for handling and removal. Always assess and understand the specific characteristics of the waste before you dispose of it.

Seek Professional Advice: Contact the EPA and DEP for advice on proper places and the proper procedures to dispose of hazardous waste.

When it comes to hazardous materials, you cannot afford to take any shortcuts. Be proactive, think outside the box and follow all necessary precautions to keep your employees safe.

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