Materials that go in the making of Warrior

Your current pair of safety footwear is not bad, but it is not good enough. And now you have almost begun to feel the need for a new pair of shoes that turn up a lot better than your existing safety shoes. We’d suggest you a pair from Warrior. Why, you may ask. Well, let us tell you that every pair of Warrior safety shoes is built to fit well and look good; moreover, these shoes are light in weight and can absorb shocks of up to 200 joules!

Warrior shoes are built of top quality materials; that is why, the shoes last long and more importantly, enable the wearer go about his or her work with the least concerns for their feet safety.

•Leather – real leather goes in the production of these shoes.

•Cordura – this is a highly breathable fabric that is used for certain parts of the upper or ankle of the Warrior shoes.

•Cambrelle – the lining ensures greater comfort and hygiene, and thus helps in preventing the growth of bacteria.

•Water proof membranes – the membranes keep moisture away from the feet and provide greater breathability; this ensures that the wearer can work for hours with Warrior Shoes up.

•Spacer fabrics – this 3D or three dimensional lining ensures greater ventilation and comfort for the feet.

•Footbeds – this again ensures the end product – which is Warrior safety shoes – is nothing short of incredible.

Warrior is a product of years of research & development and a commitment to make working life simpler, especially for those who work under adverse conditions. For detailed information on the materials that are used for Warrior manufacturing, kindly visit this section -

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