Difference between DIP & DPPs

Footwear Technology for Advanced Performance

The difference between High-pressure Injection PU and PU Pouring
SpecificationPU direct injection solingPU pouring
Ejective powerThe material pump and the centrifugal force while the SCREW is operating in high-speed.Weight (Gravity)
SCREW R.P.M.More than 14000r.p.m. /minutes5000~6000r.p.m.minutes normally
Material Pressure4-5kg /c0( Gravity )
Mold internalWith hermetical space, so the material has pressure itself.(The sole plate has pressure)With opening space (because the mold is opened), so the material only has expansion pressure.
Position of the injection nozzleIn the side of the moldOn the upper opening of the mold.
Molecular structureBlending with high speed, so the structure is denser.Blending badly, so the structure is loose.
CombinationThe structure of the molecular is very close, so the infiltration is good; the combination with other components is good.The structure of the molecular is loose, so the infiltration is bad; the combination with other components is not good.
Suitable productsShoe kinds, such as Safety,Nike, and Adidas. (Those have to be bent often, High Performance)Chair (for clean room), chair arm, and the wheel (Something don't have to be bended often)
Equipment costs comparisonOver 07 Crore INR. (Without peripheral equipment)About 07-10 Lac. INR.(Without peripheral equipment)

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