Composite Toe VS Steel Toe Safety Shoes

Whether it is steel or composite toe shoes, both offer great protection to your feet at your workplace and prevent your toes from getting pierced or crushed.Both composite and steel materials are used in covering the toe parts of the shoes and both offer unique benefits. Then what is the difference? Well, read on to understand the difference composite and steel toe safety shoes.

Safety shoes with composite toe caps

Made using non-metal materials such as plastic, carbon fibre, fibre glass and so on, safety shoes with composite toe caps have become very popular. These shoes protect you from hurting your feet at your workplaces. Moreover, if your job demands passing through metal detectors, these composite toe shoes are ideal as they are manufactured with non-metal hardware.

They are comfortable if you work in outdoors in extreme conditions.Also, these lighter shoes have better electrical resistance when you compare them to steel toe shoes.

Safety shoes with steel toe caps

These shoes are a classic as they are the old tried method that ensures protection of your feet when working in hazardous workplaces. They offer more flat protection as they can handle more when compared to the composite toe shoes.

The steel toe safety shoes guard you from sharp and heavy objects when working in a risky work environment. Among all the reasons, the most common one that makes people opt for steel toe shoes is the price factor. These shoes are less expensive than the composite toe shoes.


Though both steel and composite toe shoes are vital to protect you from harmful accidents at your hazardous workplaces, the requirements at your workplace should be considered while picking one. Now that you’re aware of the differences, it will help you make an informed decision.

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