Choosing a Right Pair of Safety Footwear

There is an age-old adage- “use the right tool for the right job.” You can possibly prevent some of the accidents with the footwear specially chosen for your type of work and industry, holding the right properties and with a fit suited for you. Warrior, from the house of Liberty is a leading manufacturer of safety footwear in India as well as supplier of safety shoes across different parts of the world like Malaysia, Qatar, Singapore etc. to name a few.
Essentials while buying safety shoes
Safety footwear is an essential part of the personal protective equipment for the worker to ensure safe and healthy feet. Correspondingly, the introduction of the steel toe is the supplementary provision for the front part of the shoes/ boot. As an addition in the workers safety shoes it protects the feet and helps to prevent injuries.
While choosing the right pair of safety shoes it is very important to now certain crucial factors regarding the work environment, type of work etc. Risks assessments are important to accurately identify potential hazards in the workplace.
Points to be considered-
  • Will the footwear be worn inside or outside?
  • Is there a risk of falling objects?
  • Are the surfaces in the workplace slippery?
  • Is ankle support and protection required?
  • Is there a risk of contact with animal fats, acids or oils?
  • Is there a risk of contract with molten metal?
  • Will the wearer be out in extreme weather conditions?
  • Will the wearer require a metal free toe-cap or midsole?
  • Will the wearer be working in wet conditions?
Below given is a complete guide to understand the safety footwear needs-
Industry Features
Agriculture Waterproof, anti-static, thermal insulation, resistant to animal fats and acid, protective toe-cap, protective mid sole
Aviation Composite toe-cap, composite mid sole, waterproof or water resistant
Construction Steel toe-cap, steel mid-sole protection, durable, secure fit and ankle support
Food and Drink Manufacturing Waterproof, slip resistant, thermal insulation, steel toe-cap, shock absorber sole, easily cleaned
Fuel Transport Resistance to oil and acids, slip resistance, protective toe-cap, anti-static
Local Authority Waterproof, lightweight, comfortable
Logistics Composite toe-cap, water repellent, comfort, ankle support
Oil and Petrochemical Resistant to oil, acid and chemicals, protective toe cap, anti-static, anti-slip
Public Transport Breathable, anti-static, fit for multiple environments, lightweight

So, choose wisely and protect your feet from workplace injuries.

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