Safety shoes become our go-to footwear in a situation when fashion trumps safety. More and more industrial sites are observing the footwear as a part of their uniform code to combat the multiple hazards faced by their employees during working. Almost every company nowadays is hyper aware of the well-being of employees and have started being more humane towards the Human Resources. Some of the notable companies are BMW, Hyundai and TATA.

However, while buying safety shoes there are still the basic mistakes that a buyer needs to avoid in order to ensure that their purchase meet the desired requirement. Also, with there is a risk of reduced effectiveness and in long run, your own safety, involved with the purchase of the wrong type of footwear.

1.    Forgetting to take comfort into equation

The first mistake that we can make while buying safety shoes is letting style trump comfort. Safety shoes are taxed with the heavy duty of safety and hence it is of utmost importance that the type chosen mixes with the purpose served, even if the result is a lesser stylish alternative.

2.    Ignoring Workplace Conditions

The shoes designed for an employee of an automobile industry is totally different from that designed by those for petroleum industry. Hence it is very important to keep the work condition into consideration while buying the shoes.

Combat boots for example are made while keeping the requirement of army and navy in mind. On the contrary, for workplaces that deal with the lifting of heavy objects, it is imperative that they ask their employees to use lightweight safety shoes.

3.    Getting confused with the size

Too often it happens that we are tasked with a lot more than the bits on our plate. In such a case, while on a shopping trip, we don’t really pay attention on all the subjects related to the shoes buying part. This innocent mistake can come to bite back your toes or push you off the stairs in a situation of a zero-indulgence shopping spree.

Make sure that the shoe you buy fit your feet like a second skin. Warrior recommends that you walk a bit in your shoes when you try them on to be sure that they fit perfectly and stand by the standards of your day to day comfort requirement.

4.    Not choosing the SHOE EXPERT

There are many brands selling safety shoes in the market. However, not all shoes are tested against different parameters. We suggest you to go with a known brand when it comes to handing over the responsibility of keeping you safe.

Also, it is much required to go through the list of industry related safety tests that your shoes have gone through.

You can never be too safe or too precautious. When the bet is on you safety, we say it is to beware than be sorry.

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