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Work place- A Warrior’s Warzone

In this fast moving world, every morning we get ready and dress up for our respective workplaces or to be precise for our respective “Warzones” so that we can suffice our daily and basic necessities. The most important weapon in our attire is the shoes that we wear because they are our saviors. Maximum number of hours we spend at our workplace fighting with different kinds of hazards and our feet are more prone towards the fatal injuries and damages that can occur during workplace calamiti....


How to ensure workplace safety for women?

Workplace injuries have become more common and they put your life at risk. Thus, it has become vital to ensure safety at your workplace. Though both men and women are prone to injuries, in this post we’ll mainly focus on the effective measures to ensure workplace safety for women. Let’s go through a few ways that will help you reduce the risk of work-related injuries. 1. Know the hazards Not to mention, to reduce the risk of work hazards, it is important for you to know them fir....