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How to maintain safety shoes for long?

Safety shoes are vital for worker and labors who work under fragile conditions and who have to meet unforeseen challenges on their work site.  These shoes are meant to serve the wearer for long time and do not need to be changed frequently. They are designed to be made robust, diligent and strong that can surpass all the physical challenges met on their way. In other words, they are professional safety gear, which work as warrior or as shield to workers. However, in addition to buying best....


Military Boots for the Guards of Nation

Life of soldiers is very different that we live ours. Isn’t it true? We go to work, spend time with our families, plan for future, and celebrate our weekends and vacations. However, our soldiers do not have luxury to live this lifestyle. There are numerous sources of anxiety and pressure for them, especially when they are on the border, saving lakhs or millions people back in their country. Their life is always in jeopardy and peace is achieved only winning over the enemies on the territory ....